too pained to be a cow

mino greeting junhwe with a bear hug ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Overdose Kai.


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  • i have a thing for muscles, ok 
  • things people (or mostly fandoms) do that leave me speechless 
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  • things idols do that leave me totally speechless (or maybe thy’re only a bunch of idiots)
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  • ok, ok, OK (thanks to this blog)
  • you need to check this blog, rly (Bobby is my jesus christ, pray with me)
  • a list of choreos that i’m craving to learn



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  • that time when i met VIXX and they put me in their mv
  • that time i went to B.A.P’s concert in Dusseldorf (DE)

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Paper Wings 
I can’t stop listening to Butterfly and Paper heart…
i wanted to draw something all bubbly and colourful, because i’m not exactly feeling… totally bubbly and colourful right now. so here’s a purple Minnie to cheer me up, and anyone else out there who might be feeling a little down!

Angel Yoo


When you’re doing dishes and you put a spoon under the running tap


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magazine page 5 out of ? ; cover ; 01 - 02 - 03 - 04
Anonimo Asked: sehun is a problem for everyone


he needs to be stopped